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About Us


HR Recruitment Agency is an independent company specializing in staff recruitment since 2006.
Who we are:
Today, company holds the leading position in Georgian employment market.
The fast growth of our business was contributed by our strong dedication, orientation on results and team spirit to achieve high goals.
During our existence we:
·         Placed over 400 people on middle and high level positions through recruitment outsourcing into the leading Georgian and international companies.
·         Assisted more than 24,000 job seekers in finding a suitable job via our web-portal
·         Gained premium experience which helped us broaden our company outside borders of Georgia.
Our mission is:
·         Help companies build the best team possible for achieving the maximum results.
·         Help job seekers build an outstanding career.
·         Improve the level of qualification employed professionals.
·         Identify the next generation leaders and help them in further improvement of the leadership skills.
Our Values are:
We promise only what we are truly capable of delivering, we look to build partnership relationships with our customers and, as a partner, will give you an honest opinion and market insight into your current and future recruitment & resource strategies.
Conducting ourselves in an honest and ethical manner with an unwavering commitment to fairness and doing what is in the best interests of our client companies.
Treating all companies and candidates with regard and consideration for their individual dignity while recognizing the differences in people and leveraging those differences to maximize the benefits of the client company and a candidate.
Providing services effectively and efficiently, persevering through all obstacles while maintaining adaptability to change in order to meet the dynamic needs of the client company. Committing to providing the highest quality services and tools, while exceeding the expectations of the client company and a candidate.
We conduct our business in an innovative and proactive manner that exhibits integrity, a spirit of collaboration, respect and continuous improvement. We consider leadership and innovation as a bottom-line to enriching our network and database, attracting clients and candidates.
We effectively work together with the client company to set the goals and plan an effective project, as well as our strategic partners in the order execution process. Seeking solutions toward common purpose and goal is the main driver to our effective teamwork tradition.
We accept responsibility for our actions and deliver our work in a dependable manner, on time and within budget.